About the founder & the studio

Hey! I am Aditi, an artist, designer, crafter, art educator, and now also an entrepreneur. I started working as an independent graphic designer in 2007 after having graduated from (now called) IDC School of Design, IIT Bombay. Having my undergrad degree in arts, I always wanted to apply my skills and knowledge of the same in my projects but found it more and more difficult to do so, the conflict of digital and analog mediums then. Looking to create that balance in my work, in 2009 I went to Florence to study Book Arts, a subject that had caught my attention in late 2006. It was a joyful experience, to say the least. After returning back to my beautiful home town, Udaipur, known as the Venice of the East, I started a small brand called ‘Babel Books’. 

My studio was formally registered in 2013, Aditi Babel Design Studio (ABDS). Babel Books, the design & craft projects, research & innovation and the workshops now all fall under the umbrella of ABDS. The vision of the studio is to create balance and harmony, in nature and people through meaningful and thoughtful design, art and craft projects. 

This website is to share a peek in what all is being done at the studio, it is, however, difficult to share it all here because we, at the studio, feel it’s an experience and process that needs to be felt in person and not just shown in a few beautifully clicked images. We encourage conversations, do get it to touch!

PS: It’s charming to work in a quaint little town in Rajasthan with a very rich history and cultural heritage, I am surrounded by the Aravali mountain ranges and lakes that were and still remain to be a constant mode of inspiration for me. Visit Udaipur, it will change your life. 

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